The Legal Lightworkers VIP Academy

high vibration container for select leaders in the law, to clear all obstacles and activate your highest potential as a legal lightworker.

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This is my invitation to lawyers who are here to birth the next legal system, to live inside the vibration of your true work and calling.  

Do you desire to finally step fully into your own power?

Do you desire to claim your role as a legal lightworker?

Do you desire to offer your FULL self, your HIGHEST self to the world as a lawyer, a spiritual leader, an alchemist who is radically changing the legal system?

Are you held back by self doubt, uncertainty, fear, lack of time or money? Or something you can't even articulate?

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Have you, like me, held back from shining your light as brightly as you can because you have been programmed to believe your spiritual gifts are less welcome and worthy than your legal skills?

You know that you have incarnated to raise the collective consciousness of humanity through healing the legal system

You are walking a spiritual path which you know is as important as your everyday life activities.  

You have felt such frustration with the legal system’s blind perpetuation of conflict caused by its inability to understand that conflict does not lie outside of us, but within us. 

You’ve developed EQ and coaching skills in addition to your legal training, to better understand the human psyche so that you can assist yourself and other lawyers.

You value your intuitive abilities as much as your cognitive ability these days. 

You’ve discovered psychic or metaphysical skills too that perhaps you’ve been able to integrate into your legal practice. 

But something is just not working!  You know you're here to do BIGGER work in a BIGGER WAY. 

You are ready: 

  • to STEP UP NOW. 
  • to TRANSCEND ANY OBSTACLES, including SELF LIMITING BELIEFS about time, money or worth  
  • to do whatever it takes to fulfil your earth mission as a legal lightworker

If you know you're here to birth the next legal system, watch this and let's do this together.

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It is time to integrate the masculine and feminine.

As lawyers we have inhabited the masculine realm for most of our lives. 

We know about thinking and doing and taking action. 

We were successful as lawyers using these tools but they don’t work for the place we find ourselves in now. 

We’re in a whole new world now. 

We are New Earth lawyers.

We are Awakening Lawyers

And the old rules and ways no longer serve us. 

We can only do in the world what we have learned to do in our own lives first

This VIP ACADEMY is a AN activation CONTAINER for these shifts.


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I'm Your Academy Guide

I’m Amanda Lamond, an ex attorney who ran for the hills when I saw the dysfunction and toxicity in the legal profession. After working as a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, an organizational development consultant and an entrepreneur running events for women lawyers, I started listening to the spiritual guidance that said I’m here to work with awakening lawyers.

Awakening Lawyers are legal professionals who are on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change.

It's taken me 20 agonising years to get this clarity, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in your career and to undervalue yourself. I'm now living my purpose which is supporting YOU to fly so that together we create the next legal paradigm our planet  is crying out for. 

You can learn more about me on

We call upon you lawyers of the light! We speak to those who are here to give birth to a new civilization in which humanity reclaims their divinity. We will guide you in finding clarity on your paths, both individually and collectively. We can assist you in seeing what may be standing in your way. Join a high vibrational community and together you can shine a light on the path ahead.

You are not alone and never have been. It is time to come together in service of a higher good. The transmission of your ideas will be far stronger as a collective.  It is time to shine your light as brightly as you can into the world. Know that we are always with you and that there is no such thing as things “not working out”. All is in Divine order. Remove fear from your thoughts.

~ Channelled Message for the legal lightworkers joining the VIP Academy

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What would be different in your life if you were at peace with your path? 

There are 5 main things that hold people back from living the Highest Version of themselves:

You don’t know what to do.

You don’t know how to do it.

You don’t have the authority or permission to do it.

You don’t have the resources to do it. 

You’re afraid.

With the help of spiritual guides, coaches, the lightworkers community and ME, we will find the ways to blast through any of your limitations.

This is what I’ve been studying all the time things haven’t worked out!

Stuck is a state of mind, and it’s curable. 

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Dear Ones

The activation starts now in the

 Legal Lightworkers VIP Academy

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Week 1: Claiming your role as a legal lightworker, understanding our shared mission to transcend the current legal system & birth the alternatives

Week 2: Global review” putting the legal system in broader context 

Week 3: The new legal technologies Part 1.

Week 4: The new legal technologies Part 2.

Week 5: Creating Your Unique Blueprint & removing all obstacles 

Week 6:  Focus, Determination, Awareness of Creating our reality 

Week 7: Developing your Multidimensional Support team

Week 8: Integration & your next steps

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Why do we as legal lightworkers need activations and to shift our frequency and beliefs? 

We are transitioning from being lawyers to being legal lightworkers but we're still using our legal training & frequency to succeed as lightworkers - and it's not working

  • it's likely you have not fully valued your spiritual gifts
  • you think because these gifts did not come with a degree that they are less valuable
  • you fear others may ridicule you if you use spiritual language that appears to “jar” with the legal language we have been taught
  • you believe it shows humility to downplay your gifts when in fact we are entrenching a low vibrational pattern every time you think of all those who “know more than you” and “have more clients than you” or “charge more than you”.

Stop the comparisons. 

It is time to step into a greater level of certainty about who we are and what we are capable of. It is time to stop looking at our limitations and focus on our strengths and our infinite ability to CREATE.

Our power lies in our BEING DIFFERENT

  • we see things in ways that others don’t
  • we can integrate the rational, logical world of cognitive thought with our intuition and quantum understanding 
  • we know that who we ARE is as important as what we DO
  • we know that clients create conflict for their own evolution and our role is to guide them mindfully towards resolution of the conflict without aggravating things and wherever possible, to facilitate a deeper understanding that will assist them not to recreate the same pattern again.  
  • We know we’re here to change the world but we need help getting out of our own way. 
  • we understand that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY

So let's work with OUR energy!


When we step into our power as lightworkers it gets easier, lighter, more joyful, we can receive because our feminine BEING is now supported by our masculine DOING. 

This VIP Academy may not run again.

In 2022 I will be creating the Lightworkers Academy (the Non VIP) one for ALL lawyers who are lightworkers at any stage of their journey. 

YOU may be one of the co-facilitators of that Academy which is why we need to work together now in preparation for what we are to do in the world next. 

The energetic shifts and upgrades are happening NOW. Don't put this off until some day when you think you will have more time and more money. Money is always available to us and the only time we have is this present moment. 

Yes! I want to talk about training other legal lightworkers in the Academy in 2022

Your success MATTERS to me. We'll do what it takes for you to achieve results.

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Kelly McGrath,
Peacemaking Lawyer & mediator, Florida
Amanda Lamond is the person who made the most difference in my mindset shift in 2020. I recommend booking time with her now - don't wait! I've now referred her to 11 friends and colleagues. The feedback I've gotten from them echoes my sentiment. She's able to provide exactly what is needed at the moment for your next stage of growth - be it professional or personal. I regularly reread what she sent me and it's made a significant impact in my life and I plan on engaging Amanda Lamond yearly from now on. Take the leap and just set up a time with her - you will be delighted and amazed at the deep insights you will come away with.
J Kim Wright, author of Lawyers as Peacemakers & Lawyers as Changemakers

Amanda is passionate about bringing consciousness to law. I was lucky enough to be asked to work with her in South Africa and she never ceases to impress and amaze me.

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FAQ: "Can you put what I'll get in this academy into words I understand?"

Ok! I get that this can seem a little intangible!

In this Academy I will offer what I’ve learned in the last few life times (apparently) and the last 21 years (since the day I entered law school) in various forms:

  • literature reviews of what I have found most helpful books and resources for the legal lightworkers 
  • Facilitated discussions around what the new legal technologies will consist of, as we move towards a future in which conflict is resolved energetically. 
  • Insights into what holds us back from creating our desired lives and careers, with reference to my own journey
  • Training by guest experts on integrating the masculine and feminine in ourselves (note: it helps with wealth!) in order to CREATE and also for us to be able to integrate these in the law
  • Training on shifting your frequency around money 
  • We will also practise the new legal technologies, of resolving conflict for clients energetically -  as a group. Let's create miracles!

I want to help you, a legal lightworker, to achieve everything you are here to do because this is my work. If you’re still reading this I’m guessing you must have a special purpose in the changing world of law. I’m here to support you so you can do this with more ease, and more joy and more prosperity. 



This programme is the culmination of many lifetimes in which I have prepared to be here now, at this time of the greatest awakening in modern civilzation. I have invested 1000’s of hours and $$$ in training, formally and informally to be emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and physically ready to put this into the world. And, during the programme I’ll be investing even more, at least 150 hours of my time during the 10 weeks I focus on this.

To balance this investment of my energy, I require an equivalent investment of your energy, physically and emotionally. At minimum, for those who still think in terms of the billable hour, this might be viewed as 25 hours to 35 hours of your billable rate.

If you have unresolved issues around money there is SO much out there to help you! I’m happy to share resources. There is ALWAYS money available to us. It doesn’t have to arrive in the form you thought it would. If you know you need to do this programme, decide that it’s done and call for Divine Support in making the money available to you.

If you earn in a currency that is significantly weaker than the dollar - for example, South African Rand, there is ZAR discounted payment plan. Please use the BOOK A CALL button to set up time to discuss.




This is a high access, VIP programme.

  • We will be shifting your frequency (*invaluable)
  • 8 x 90 min online training sessions.

  • 1 x 90 min one-on-one for each client. 

  •  7 x group coaching sessions. 

  • Channeled readings & guidance, including personal readings as needed.



This is a high access, VIP programme.

  • We will be shifting your frequency (*invaluable)
  • 8 x 90 min online training sessions.

  • 1 x 90 min one-on-one for each client. 

  •  7 x group coaching sessions. 

  • Channeled readings & guidance, including personal readings as needed


$1777 x 3

You can do this.

This is a high access, VIP programme.

  • We will be shifting your frequency (*invaluable)
  • 8 x 90 min online training sessions.

  • 1 x 90 min one-on-one for each client. 

  •  7 x group coaching sessions. 

  • Channeled readings & guidance, including personal readings as needed.
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